OurProject Team has extensive experience in remodeling/renovation and newconstruction of Public, Educational and Commercial Architecture.  Over the last twenty plus years, we have developedan excellent working relationship with the staff of SJR State College and thePutnam County School District, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of LEED, GreenGlobes, the Florida Building Code, the Florida Accessibility Code and theAmericans with Disabilities Act.   Ourteam is dedicated to the design of good architecture that have a clean,professional appearance, are functionally efficient, sustainable, energyefficient, protective of the environment and within the Owner’s budget.  The team also has an in-depth knowledge of Floridacodes, construction techniques, and construction firms.  

Ourrecently completed 32,000 SF Health Sciences Building at the St. Augustinecampus of St. Johns River State College has been certified as a “Three GreenGlobes” project and is the very first state college building in Florida toreceive this certification. “Three Green Globes” is equivalent to “Leed Gold.”

 CRG isproud of its ability to develop and serve the architectural needs of itsclients over many years of continuing professional service.  The following is a list of local clients wehave continually served for more than 20 years: 

  • Putnam County School District
  • St. Johns River State College
  • Palatka Housing Authority
  • St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park 

We are extremely proud of our St Augustine campus of the St Johns River StateCollege.  The firm is responsible for the initial conceptual campus planning and we have designed every building on the campus and provided master planning for the colleges growth over the next 20 years.